the JBL Show bio

#Schooln’ – roughly around 2000 Rebel Crew’s co-founder and dj for Havikoro Joe B linked up with m.c. Lenky Don dancehall from Trinidad/Brooklyn aka Prince Flea Swallow from Sony Playstation’s Parappa the Rapper the 1st ever rap video game as well as countless features on dancehall compilations , jungle , house & hip hop tracks.

Aside from featuring  original tracks with Rebel Crew Lenky and Joe B began to develop a live dj & mc performance called The JBL show which is a futuristic twist on an old school hip hop lost art . A sound clash live beat battle is probably the best way to describe this show and even though an opposing side is needed in a clash and battle that has had very little effect on the 2 seasoned performers taking this concept to the next level before level one even exists.

“the show keeps us on our toes as far as I’m concerned , that my main motivation when I work with Lenky. This show is very challenging for us both being that we have to keep up with each others freestyles. We push the envelope without a doubt and it beats just recording in the studio or performing the same few songs on stage perfecting a set routine any day. It aint for everyone I will say that its unpredictable , intrusive , crossing genres , changing tempos plus . Id say we are pioneering a new sound for breakbeats and reggae  listeners.” jb 2013

The image below represents the sound notice the helmets the random speakers the drum set the 2 sections in a frame kinda creepy all at the same time. Sound Bwoys hold tight! the JBL show is nuthin to …. wit.



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Rebel Crew Sound in the 808 state – Hawaii

jbla 2nd_pic Lauren_DubCover

Trouble – Joe B featuring Lauren Aloha

It’s been a min since i’ve posted in the blog . This only means your boy has been focused on something other then my on line presence and promotions of our movement. Nonetheless here I am back on doing my best to keep all those interested updated as much as possible. Last year at the end of October I took off to Mexico to visit Adam , a good friend of mine but just before I left I was introduced to an artist from Hawaii name Lauren by a mutual friend and aspiring mc/rapper/graffiti artist , Dylan (homie). He told me Lauren was in town and I should check her out. Honestly though I need another singer in my life like i need a hole in my head. lol I say this only because Ive been blessed to work with so many extremely talented singers and very little comes from the experience unless the artists is active releasing material doing shows etc. but I said sure I was about to leave to Mexico she lived in Hawaii why not? We pick her up about 2am for a late night session only because she was booked to a flight at 8am at the airport near my studio so I agreed to get her there a last minute thing no doubt.  As we walked in the studio I bluntly ask her “so what make you say you are a singer , are you in a band or do you have a cd out?” she replies “no, this what Im doing Im pursuing music thats what I want to so is sing” . “ok ok” I said. Being strapped for time I just “threw her in the deep end of the pool” for a lack of words I turned the mic on right away put on a beat and said lets see what you talking about. Fearless is the word that comes to mind at that moment. So I proceed to suggest we walk away with a dj tool that we could play on the radio so I dug deep and handed her some lyrics that rebel crew’s LoveSun the Don had reconstructed years ago it was from Boyz in the Hood by NWA he flipped it to Sound Boyz in the City. Now even though she is a singer she’s also from the Islands so reggae and dancehall are a part of her culture and she’s also a suffer and skater so she had this edge about her. I instantly knew I may have stumbled on to something bigger then I realized. 7AM arrives the session is mad by this time the girl wont stop she’s dancing around the studio Im flipping her style after style and she says im rescheduling my flight. Long story short she asks if I could come to Hawaii? I said Im headed to Mexico and if she could afford to get me there after I would consider it but I was just going where i could find work at the moment not really taking on any projects. She said done Ill get you to Hawaii and she puts a generous deposit on the table to start producing music while i’m in Mexico. : ) sounds like a plan I said.

So here I am in Hawaii at the end of January and its safe to say Rebel Crew sound has founded us what we call in the streets “the shit” the real deal raw talent. I’d go as far to say its good music karma meeting and working with this artist. All the Rebel Crew supporters from way back who have grown with our sound are in for a treat on long the lines of our biggest vocalists like Lenky Don , Karina Nistal and Kevin Sandbloom. As  I said i had a feeling I had stumbled on to something special but I honestly had no clue. We are about to make some noise once again . Its my pleasure to present a new friend new artist to the Rebel Crew Sound label ms. Lauren Aloha and I ask you to give her your support as we launch this one in the same rebel crew style and fashion as we always do.


joe b ez on the cut


manuel mambo

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Rebel Heads and Space Bassers

Hitting you up about an up and coming event next year Jan 5th 2013 at Avant Garden Houston Texas aka HomeBass for me. Now Ive been away a good part of 2013 and theres talks of me producing an album in Hawaii early 2013 but ya never know its the music business and ish happens so we’ll see. Anyway while Ive been out of the country Ive been catching rebel radio on Soul Tower 606 and U.N.T. have been going off its made me rediscover the richness of the rebel crew flavor and when we do get together the music goes hard for me on a personal note. As soon as I found out I was coming home for at least a month I sorted out a night for the Rebel Crew / Rebel Radio d.j.’s could get together and stir up some good old fashion family vibes with our music selections like we’ve always done for each other if anything.

Someone a few months ago asked if Rebel Crew was still around …I replied “yea sometimes… were around..sometimes were just all out there doing it vs talking it up/promo etc. Thats what you do when your establishing your self.”

Its about to be 2013 we start this game in 1986 . I know its funny and its been a trip all I know is we gots an ill style of selecting music. Its not mainstream and you might not see hundreds of people at the RCS parties. What you will see is original b boy reggae dub  renegades of latin funk getting down and you’ll see a hand full of females grooving on the dance floor and on the sidelines. Honestly are events are like word of mouth parties and the few venues we do play in Houston the owners support what we do. Its real and its a family business so we’ll alway pop up in the “scene” locally and world wide.

We would like to host more parties but mugs are busy and its tough to get the word out thats what things like blogs are for but it also depends on you the supporters. Share our links etc etc tell some folks. Jan 5th 2013 at Avant Garden Rebel Crew Sound – Joe B , U.N.T. , Love Sun,Kool B, Soul Tower 606 will be playing fresh new music , vintage latin funk and everything in between.  real talk.

ight then big up to whoever is checking out this blog you kno..!!

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RebelCrew Music

Im alive and well reporting from Sayulita Mexico Nov 8 2012. Todays post is gonna be simple and plan. Im gonna update you on the new sound being produced out here. Now you never really know how a city will influence you. Unless you learn to be influenced welcome it and go with the flow. Its ok if it not what you are into , I’m always gonna be chasing towards my specific ever changing sound but Im in no rush so Ive learned to adapt as a practice because each zone i allow my self to slip in I come out well educated.

Im out here with an old friend guitar player, Adan who has a unique almost spaghetti western / surf style and a drummer name Mika who’s style is str8 coasting nothing too over powering but smooth.  We are producing music daily on the roof top of our rooms you can see the waves from my seat. Its dope.  Now I was dabbing in spaghetti western music a bout a year ago but here in Mexico near the beach and breeze… its taking on a new boost and understanding.

Spaghetti western is not the only element thats been saturating the RebelCrew Sound but also Cumbia has properly been dropped on us. Not the Cumbia you hear in the urban city bar thats been remixed by dj/xyz but raw analog clunk clak cumbia  that we will remix and import it back in to the US.   real talk the str8 uncut dope! over 100 tracks have been laid on me.

Now I have no interest in JUST remixing thats not what this post is about its a bout the original music – the result of the fusion thats what we ride for .

This sound is a beach bass no doubt has a wee bit of wobbles , sub and kinda sounds like boom bap make with cumbia drums and bass line laced with that desperado guitar drowns. Thats my version of the story lol others might say its lounge music .

Ight then RebelHeads and SpaceBassers


support the cause we have music available NOW at these links

The Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone – The Spaghetti Western 

Sergio Leone – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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conditioning my condition

I want to big up everyone following this new blog . I will say its hot in Mexico and there is  no AC haha. So far all the work I’ve done has just been loading speakers down 2 stories then up 2 stories to play music . Laughing the whole time i must add cause I can’t complain this is what I do. I’m starting to be curious if the editing with no AC will be just as easy to adapt to . Editing / recording etc is usually done all day sometimes with headphones on but mos definitely in the AC ..? we’ll see . lol

I took my first dip in the ocean yesterday and checked out a bunch of surfing I can feel the reprogramming of my zone and time is beginning to slow down. As long as we make the gig at night were good, getting paid and getting on to the next day simple tings.

I’ll leave you with this , I’ve made albums in many places but none have been as inspiring as where Im at right now. I’m around sound decent musicians and thats all I need . Im really looking fwd to the results of this new conditioning .

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Manuel Mambo – Sayulita Mexico

Word up .. over 7 years ago I gave my word to a good friend that I would come visit and chill for a minute on the beaches of Mexico with them to make music and do what we do. I’m writing this blog from there now and Id like to think that everything else I said I was gonna do will follow regardless how long it takes. It’s on some never give up type hype …only its no hype right about now.

Sayulita Mexico , just arrived yesterday and all i can think of is how smart of a move it was for me to be out here now doing what i do the vibe is potent no doubt bout that. Tonight there is a gig lined up half live jam with musicians and half dj set from the looks of things last night it looks like its gonna be dope. People are on the mellow clock vacation zone and seam ready for a jolt of RCS watts.

I didn’t really come out here just to dj tho I came out to produce more music and a few artist . I will mos definitely keep you posted on that.


Joe B aka Manuel Mambo

rebelcrew sound

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REBEL CREW Sound Wave coming ..

ight peoples its time to shake it up on the music tip . I’ve done my best to just produce music I like to listen  to on the regular. Its been a minute since I’ve checked out what every one else is into. Well for the artists point of view its been a good idea but from the business point its not something that will attract attention, its more easy going cool out dance/lounge vibe. The thing is I really personally don’t need any attention but I do need some things to happen on the finance tip so in a way Im gonna compromise and attempt to make some noise. What will be different ? Things will get intense and a bit harder in tone more  bass and madness.

This will begin pretty soon , starting this revisit of 2 dj tools I made years ago – Jr CAT  “Bap Bap” and Lady Shabba  “Ms Gomilou”  the rebel crew crunkadelic remixes.  Now that word Crunkadelic I’ve heard before but was recently exposed to it by a new friend and I kinda just snatched it from her. Crunkadelic would be a fair term for this sound Im shifting to as well as well as Trip Hop , Glitch Hop, Drumstep the list goes on so out of the lot why not Crunkadelic feel me? A southern sound.

After these 2 come out Im gonna just start to dish this sound out for the rest of the year and see what happens.

these release will be available on

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